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Double Vision/Glare with Minimono Vision --- Please Help

Hello All,

I had cataract surgery about 3 years back and I opted for Monovision for Distance with Astigmatism. Surgery went very well and vision was good. After 2 yrs, I ended up with Retinal Surgery with Buckle on the same eye(right), I pretty much got the vision back with some lost range due to Astigmatism. Next month will be one year to my retinal surgery. After I underwent cataract surgery, I opted for mini mono vision with contact lens in my left eye which worked out very well, with left Eye for Mid range and right eye for distance. After retinal detachment surgery, I was able to continue mini mono vision but my distance vision was somewhat affected, but overall vision was fine. Doctor suggested not to wear contact in right to correct just astigmatism. For my yearly eye exam in December, I went to Doctor and he reduce my Astigmatism power little bit  of my contact lens in my left eye, and since then I have started seeing double vision, I tried using my older contact lens power but still same thing. Again went to Doctor and he said my power in left eye has reduced, and that might be the reason, so he gave me another prescription, but even with this updated prescription, I am facing same problem of seeing double vision. The way I can describe my double vision  is that:

When I am working on computer, after sometime, I see glare coming out of those text letters and then feel like that line of text get overlapped, so vision do not remain very clear, but if I close my right Eyes it goes away, since my right eye is for Distance, I cannot use for reading. However I feel that may be I am able to read something from my right eye, which is why it gets overlapped with what my left eye see and get double vision ?

When I try to watch tv from distance, I see glare which goes away if I close my left eye(reading), so feels like if I use individual eye works fine for what it is suppose to do but using both eye create some what glare in my eye, which compromise vision. If I put eye glass over my contacts(left), glaring seems to get reduced.

So here are my questions:

1>I am puzzled am I having double vision or glare ?
2>What is the sudden cause of this  vision issue ?
3>Is there is possibility that eye which has IOL and Buckle may able to read something even though it was set to Distance and that could be causing this vision issue, as it might be overlapping with reading eye when using computer?
4>What is the solution to fix this vision issue, so that I can eliminate Glare/Double vision ?

Your suggestion or response will be greatly appreciated, as this is affecting my day to day normal life

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Glare on my right eye if I close my left blurry glare on my right if I close my right my left see fine but when I let go of both then I see glare overlap blurry .
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Your problem was first posted in February 2015.  and you just reposted it so I'm assuming you have not seen any improvement and that your treating physicians have not answered your questions or been able to help you. I would suggest you get second opinions from other experts.

Gangeles: Your question is too vague and general to offer you any useful information. You need to see an ophthalmologist or optometrist for an evaluation.

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