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Double Vision

Hello everyone,

                      For the last couple of weeks I've been experiencing a irritated right eye. There is a mild bloodshot in the inside corner(the corner close to the nose). There is a constant mild rheum formation that both accumulates in the inside corner and also accumulates in a stringy formation over the white area and also sometimes comes right on top of the lens and causes temporary blurry vision. I splash salt water thrice a day and it seems to relieve me off the problem. But since last Friday (July 24th, 2015), I've been experiencing a double ghost vision that happens vertically with the real object. I've discovered this condition after reading my phone messages for about 15 minutes and when I looked to a writing on my computer screen which was placed at least 3 feet from my head, I noticed the letters were mildly blurred and had a double ghost image that appeared right under the original writings. The condition goes away when I squint my eyes and when I come close to the object. It also automatically goes away after a few minuted when I'm not looking at any small writings such as my phone screen for a long time. I've checked with my left eye closed and it remains which means that it is monocular condition. Also, the ghost image appears vertically on the bottom of the true object and it never appeared side by side. I have Amblyopia on the left eye and my brain ignores the left eye vision which led to my right eye being the dominant and it is otherwise healthy according to the doctors I've visited in the past. I also constantly feel a tiredness, mild irritation, increased sensitivity to light sources (most notably, CFL type lamps), mild neck pain, a chronic post nasal drip, monsoon cold. I've had prawns a few week earlier. I'm allergic to prawns but this time it didn't cause any skin outbreak. I work in front of a LCD monitor for about 8 hours and at home, I play computer games until 1 AM.

                     If there's anything you can advice me on this matter, it would be much help. Thank you.
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You may have an eye infection. Please go visit your eye doctor.
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It is not possible to make a specific diagnosis but I would suggest you seen an ophthalmologist or optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination.

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