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Double and blurred vision after reading for 10-15 minutes

What are some causes of blurred and double vision after reading or doing computer work for 15 minutes?  I was diagnosed with polymyosites 10 years ago and have been taking cellcept and prednisone.  I was told about four years ago that I had blepharitis but the treatments did not really help my vision.  I have tried eye drops which do not help.  I've had a lazy right eye since child hood and have had two eye surgeries for wandering and crossed eyes and may have another soon.  I wear glasses all the time.  Should I ask my opthamologist to maybe investigate myasthenia gravis...sometimes after reading I feel I have to really work hard to keep my eyes open.  I sometimes get pain around my left eye socket and my eye hurts but I've always attributed that to sinus problems.  Have you heard of someone with polymyositis also having MG?  I was also recently diagnosed with Hashimatos.  Thanks for your suggestions.
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First, you are probably only reading with one eye - so that causes a lot of eyestrain. Since you therefore have to stare so much more intently, you will likely get more drying of the cornea.  Again, since you have a lazy eye, I suspect you may  not have true binocular double vision as you might see in MG, but rather may be having monocular double vision in your good eye due to a dried out cornea and eye strain.  Make sure you see an ophthalmologist EyeMD to be evaluated for the double vision, possible dry eyes and to make sure you have the correct glasses prescription.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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