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Double vision after orbital floor fracture repair surgery

A little over a month ago I was assaulted and struck in the left eye. The following day I noticed that I was spitting up some blood so I went to the emergency room. A CT scan showed that I had an orbital floor fracture and surgery was recommended. Prior to surgery, I had full vision and full motility of the injured eye, although there were broken blood vessels and it was very bruised & swollen. As it healed naturally in the days leading up to the surgery, the two eyes were perfectly symmetrical. Repair surgery took place ten days after the assault. Double vision was apparent immediately upon waking up. There was also a numbness in my left nostril and top lip. An implant was put underneath the left eye. The injured eye seemed to bulge out and was completely reddened. I had very limited movement of the eye. I went to the emergency room a few days after surgery out of my concern and was told by the surgeon that everything was normal. After following up with an ophthalmologist, I was advised that a second surgery would need to happen to revise the implant, as it was either out of place or too large and was pushing the eyeball upward and to the right. After the second surgery, the healing process seemed to have went much smoother, but the double vision is still very apparent. They removed a lot of scar tissue from the corners of my injured eye. I can see clearly through each eye, but vision through the injured eye is offset and slightly skewed. I've taken to wearing an eyepatch as the double vision causes dizziness and loss in balance. A follow up with the same ophthalmologist seemed to go well, he is confident that the eye is healing normally, but the very prominent double vision concerns me, as does the two eyes being uneven. This wasn't the case before surgery and I'm having regrets about even having the surgery. He wants to see me again in 6-8 weeks for a routine follow up. Will the double vision go away and if so how long? Will my eye return to its normal position?
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It is possible that the double vision will resolve as you continue to heal and the swelling resolves.  I would see an oculoplastic specialist. This is an ophthalmologist who specializes in orbit repairs and lid problems. If the double vision does not resolve, prism glasses or eye muscle surgery may be needed. For this you would need to see an ophthalmologist who specializes in strabismus (eye muscle misalignment).
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