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Drusen vs. Trauma

Hi, I'm 28 and I visited my optometrist for a routine visit on Friday. The doctor was concerned with my drusen, which he had said I have about three years ago. He did a couple tests and said I had poor results for my peripheral vision. He also said that my drusen was elevated more than he would like it to be, so he has scheduled an appointment for me to see an eyecare specialist later this month. He asked if I was having any bad headaches or vomiting, and I told him no. He said it was likely nothing to worry about.

However, I completely forgot to tell him that I was in a car accident just over 2 months ago which totaled both cars. I had some slight headaches for about a week which faded, so I wasn't concerned, but now I am thinking this may have more to do with my problem. I'm honestly a bit worried and his office isn't open for the weekend for me to tell him this for another full day.

So is the trauma a likely cause of all this? I know I should have said something to him, but honestly I think I panicked when he started talking about a specialist and the drusen.
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I think the news will be good. OND rarely a problem
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I should also say that I walked away from the crash.
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You need to tell me if you have macular drusen  if so hard or soft? Or if you have optic nerve drusen.  I suspect the latter.  If so its unlikely that the trauma caused any change in the optic nerve druse or that anything will need to be done other than reassure you.  There is no treatment from optic nerve drusen and only rarely does it cause problems.

If you have macular drusen that's a different deal and the ophthalmologist can tell you if there is concern after an exam and macular OCT.

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Dr. Hagan:

I'm sorry, I realized after I went to bed last night that I should have said I was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Drusen. The specialist visit is supposed to simply reassure me that nothing is of concern.

Thank you for your reply.
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Thank you, your reassurance certainly helps.
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