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Dry, Swollen Eyelids

Just wondered if anyone could shed any light on an eye issue that flared up a month ago. I woke up one morning with I little bit of dry skin on the inner corner of both eyelids which quickly spread(within a matter of hours) along the crease of both upper eyelids. I applied some moisturiser which initially seemed to help but a few hours later dry patches started to appear under my lower eyelids in the creases.

A friend suggested I use Papaw Ointment which I applied before going to bed that night. When I woke in the morning both eyes where massively swollen, my right eye was much worse and was barely open. I assumed the Papaw being quite a heavy vaseline type ointment had maybe not allowed the skin to breathe so I have now avoided it. I applied cooled spoons which after several hours of holding to my eyes seemed to being down the swelling but left my eyes still very red and sort of wrinkly looking. I kept applied my nivea moisturiser which seemed to help and it cleared up in a couple of days.

This was a month ago and I have since had it 3 times since that first day. Always the same routine-dry, swollen almost shut, very red and raw and for the same amount of time. My right eye is always much worse(especially along the lower lash line and lower eyelid crease) and the last 2 times the skin has started to weep. There is NO itch, and I have no dryness or uncomfortableness inside my eye but it does cause my eyes to water a lot. Went to the docs the other day and he said it wasn't an allergy due to no itching and thought it might be due to the heatpump and dry winter conditions( I am in NZ). I am almost reluctant to keep moisturising as it seems the more I apply the more my eyes are beginning to depend upon it.

I am 24 years old and have never had ANY kind of dry skin condition, allergy or skin issues and have always been fit and healthy other than a bout of glandular fever a couple of years ago. I also am from the highlands of scotland and have grown up in cold dry winters and so I just don't understand why this would suddenly cause such issues(this is also my 4th winter back to back so I have had no sudden changes in temperature).  I have not changed any make-up( I wear minimal anyway) but I have noticed that each time I have worn my mascara in the last month, my eyes have flared up again although I though maybe this was due to mascara flaking and aggrivating already irritated skin.

Sorry this is so long but I figured the more info the better. I am a very outgoing person but this is making me very self concious and unhappy within my self and the more its happening the more miserable it is making me. I also work in retail so feel very aware of people looking at my big yucky eyes!

All advice would be very welcome. :D
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You need to see an ophthalmologist.  There are many causes from a local infection such as blepharitis but is rarely causes severe swelling to medical conditions such thyroid problems.

Dr. O.
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