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Dry eye only while sleeping; help with root cause.

What is the cause of my dry eyes while sleeping? I have had a sudden symptom that seems to have occurred immediately after my 3rd dose of mRNA COVID vaccine (not sure if it is related or a coincidence). This has been ongoing for over 3 months now. My eyes (both eyes) seem to experience dryness only while sleeping. This is uncomfortable to the point that it wakes me up in the middle of the night. When I wake up all symptoms immediately disappear. I have searched for a root cause but have found none. I am in my 30s and healthy otherwise. I do not have other eye problems and ophthalmologists have not been able to find a root cause. My eyes are perfectly normal during the day experiencing no discomfort. My eyes close completely when I am sleeping. My tear ducts are not clogged. I do have some dry skin on my eyelashes which is what the doctor thought was the cause, but this is something I have had for many years with no other symptoms, I have since tried to remedy this with baby shampoo washes, to no avail. No one seems to be able to give me a good solution to this. The internet also does not seem to have any information regarding the specific symptoms I am experiencing. Any help or a general direction to find a root cause would be much appreciated.
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This problem is as common as dirt.  The causes that need to be eliminated  1. make sure no moving air in the bedroom, no fans, no open air vents, you cannot feel or have air moving over your face. 2. determine if you eyes really do close at night. Many people sleep with their eyes slighly open at the bottom, more common is cosmetic surgery, Bell's Palsy, heavy lids. Try and avoid sleeping with your face in a pillow.  3. More of a problem in winter when air dry. Get a hygrometer that measure moisture in the air and keep the humidity at 35% or higher. if it is lower run a cool mist vaporizer in the bedroom to get the humidty up.   In spite of all of these many people still are symptomatic. There are a variety of long acting night time products to put in both eyes (regualr artificial tears won't last long enought)  Refresh PM, Systane Gel are good.  Somewhere on the product is should say GEL, PM or night time product.  Is worse cases an ointment has to be used like Duratears or Lacrilube but most people don't need an ointment and don't the blurred vision and mess.  Young people often have dry eyes from meds like anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-histamine, and any sinus/cold medicine.
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