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Dry eyes

I'm suffering from dry eyes because of which another problem has occured i.e. ghost image, so can i continue working on laptop as it is necessary for me or should i leave using laptop or mobile for some time, because i'm worried that it may cause more problems.
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Well my question was, can i continue working on laptop as it is necessary for me or should i leave using it because i'm worried it may cause other problems.
World-wide, especially in Asians, there is an epidemic of myopia and dry eyes even in very young that is attributed to many hours every day spent on video screens and TV.   So to the extent it's possible reducing screen time to only essential time is a good thing.  So is looking up from the screen every 15 minutes, looking at something further than 15-20 feet and blinking the eyes hard 5-10 times.   There are many other causes of dry eyes especially in post menopausal women.
Thankyou for your advise and i want to ask another thing that if my dry eyes are treated, will that ghost image problem be gone too?
And after sometime, if i were to work in IT industry, then i have to sit in front of computer for 6-7 hours straight, so at that time, how can i prevent dry eyes affecting me? Plz ans this question
1.  The ghost image will only go away if it is due to dry eyes.  If it is dry eyes it should go away after blinking or instilling artificial tears. If it doesn't it may be due to something else:  needing glasses, incorrect glasses RX, poorly fitting contact lens, corneal disease other than dry eyes, cataracts or macular disease. No way I can tell you wish of these you have. 2.   Find  the best artificial tears for your eyes by trial and error and recording their effect. using artificial tears hourly.   every 15 minutes look up from your screen, focus across the room and blink your eyes hard 10 times.
Thankyou for your response
Sure and best of luck and good fortune.
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