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I've been waking up with matted eyes, more over burning, very red, very very sensitive to light. When my eyes are watering it's burning my skin around my eyes.

I've been using moisture eye wash referred by pharmacist up until yesterday,  now I'm using prescription eye drops, which are not helping much at all. They've lessened a little but still burning, red, very sensitive to light, in fact I'm working with lights off in office as absolutely cannot take overhead light, it literally blinds me. to drive I ahve very dark glasses that wrap around eyes so no light in from the side, still my eyes are watering burning and red. Also veins are very red in one eye and it looks kind of like a bummp near the veins. Also this was only in on eye til today , now both

Prescription eye drops are by Bausch & Lomb - name is Zylet

What's wrong with my eyes, please help
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if you have not responded to Zylet you need to be examined again soon.  there are a lot of eye conditions that can cause light sensitivity and red eyes so you need an exam by an ophthalmologist.  if you don't have one, you can find one in your area by going to www.aao.org and search for an eye md.
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