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Entoptic phenomenon

Whenver I concentrate on black, white or plain surface I see floating things (some tiny dots). Is this vitreous fluid or entoptic phenomenon and normal. This causes me distress right from childhood.  Help me in keeping me occupied with better things.
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It could be either or both.  Be sure you have an exam by an eye MD ophthalmologist and tell him/her about your concerns. If normal then move on and enjoy life. There are so many bigger and more serious problems you will have to deal with.
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Thank you sir for your advise and suggestion :)
I am sure this is your wisdom speaking,  I read in other post even you are facing problems (age related in eyes etc.) but managing.
I have posted many times that I have floaters in both eyes, which began age 10, and a large Weiss ring in my right eye.  I also wear glasses for myopia/astigmatism/presbyopia.
Sir are these entopic phenomenon because of calcium deficiency (cells in eyes) or just normal and happens to everyone but vary individually?
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Not calcium deficiency.  Everyone has them but many people are not aware of or can appreciate all of them. Read this carefully     LINK  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entoptic_phenomenon
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So the tiny dots or fuzziness that I see on plain wall or in dark is because of things inside my eyes, I conclude. And more I look for it,  more I will see.  
Sir does it vary also individually,  I asked few people I feel density is different. They look for it,  I am able to see it.   Probably because I am more aware or now that have seen it. May be i m more anxious and less happy.
May be i am more aware and less active. Variation might also be there.
Please ignore above points, I just conclude it varies individually and I shouldnt bother people by asking if they see this.  Looks like this varies.
It varies. Enjoy life. Move on.  Your anxiety is much more of a problem than the entopic phenomena.  Move over to an anxiety discussion and consider, if not already doing, seeing psychiatrist or psychologist.
Thank you.
My behavior is also a problem,  I am asking loved ones if they see and compare myself without realising I bother them. Each individual is unique.
Move over to an anxiety discussion and consider, if not already doing, seeing psychiatrist or psychologist.
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