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Excercise and the Eye

A few months ago I started seeing flashes of light on a daily bases. I went to the retinologist and had laser surgery in both eyes. They were done to reinforce a detachment and tear that happened years ago. This recent laser was successful.

However, weeks afterwards I still saw the flashes of light regularly. I went back to my retinologist who didn't see anything wrong. He told me I should be worried if I see a burst of floaters or if there is a darkening in my vision. He stated that sometimes in may take months or years for the tugging and pulling in the eyes to reach an equilibrium.

I get these flashes, especially if I exert myself. They occur especially if I lift at the gym or (embarressingly) when I'm having sex. Are there certain activities I should cease? I'm an avid health nut, especially jogging, and a limit on my excercise would be upsetting.

My retinologist who did the detachment surgery 14 years ago (he retired) had me limit my activities for a bit after the sclaral buckle surgery. My current retinologist who did the laser has placed no limit on me. It seems to me there's two different schools of thought on this.
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I am 31 and had a retinal detachment back in May of last year. I did it lifting wights. I have been advised to stop all lifting. No more than a 12 pack of soda...or beer.  I had a buckle also. I still have flashes of light every once in awhile. They say this is normal??? The only thing I can do is walk, exercise wise. Stress is a huge influence on the number and amount of flashes I recieve. Short and sweet...flashes aren't good.
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A study done of retina specialists showed that only a very small minority restricted their patients after retinal detachment surgery or treatment of a hole or tear. Also retinal detachments are not more common in runners and joggers and athletes. Weight lifting should be fine especially if you go lower weights and more repititions building stamina and tone and not trying to remold yourself into the Amazing Hulk.   In short I would believe your current Eye MD retinal specialist and get back into your "health nut" routine.

JCH III MD Eye MD   Marathoner & Triathalete
Advisor, American Running Association
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