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Excessive eye mucous

I am a 76 year old male.  Today while reading my right eye began to flow with excessive mucous.  Due to wiping it continously , I probably irritated it.  This excessive mucous has continue for hours, making it pretty much impossible to see out of it.  The eye is now swollen and very red.  I took a nap and had to pry it open when I awoke.

     I have had a cold for several days and yesterday began using a prescription nose spray

I am using "Tear", an across the counter eye solution.  Not any improvement after three applications.  Thank you for any advice..
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It might have been that the eye was very dry or that perhaps you have an early bacterial infection or some other irritation.  At this point it is ok to continue to use over the counter artificial tears but I would be worried that you could have some type of infection so with that in mind it's time to see an ophthalmologist because you may need prescription strenth eye drops or more.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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