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Explanting of ReStor Lens

Has anyone had their ReStor Lens explanted (removed)?  If so, how did it go and were there any complications?
I had surgery the end of January 2010 and my eyes burn and my vision is blurred most of the time.  At the grocery store I'm unable to read labels or prices.  Even now, with my computer screen, everything is blurry.  I wore glasses for over 20 years with no problems.  Then my left eye became cloudy and I was told I had cataracts in both eyes.
At that time, the subject of ReStor Lens was presented and they said I was a "good candidate".  They indicated my vision would be "crystal clear" without glasses with the ReStor Lens.  I am extremely unhappy with the results and want to have them removed.  I'll take my glasses over this experience any day!  However I need some input as to explanting of ReStor Lens.  Any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks!
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Dear chrissie48,

I would speak with your eyeMD about the vision.  Is it correctable with a glass prescription or is there another reason such as swelling in the back of the eye that is causing this blurring.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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I had a similar circumstance to you, i.e. glasses all my life and chose Restor. I waited before having my second eye done and wound up explanting the Restor after six months. This procedure should only be done by a highly experienenced surgeon because it carries more risk due to the fact that the Restor cannot be suctioned out like the cataract. However I feel the results were worth it. I could not imagine living the rest of my life with such poor vision. I now have my nondominant eye with a toric monofocal IOL set for intermediate and currently wear a contact in my dominant eye for distance, thus giving me good distance and intermediate vision with progressive bifocals for sharpening up the computer and for fine print. I am very pleased with this.
My recommendation is to read the archives of this forum including my own thread and seek several expert opinions, even if that means traveling a distance to do so.
Good luck, I know there is a good outcome for you.
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Thanks for your response.I went back to the surgeon, who has an impeccable reputation, and discussed with him the burning, blurriness, and the inablity to read anything in low or average light, and the fact that the "real" world doesn't consist of one big bright light.   He checked my eyes and said the ReStor Lens were exactly where they were supposed to be, but that I had very dry eyes. He gave me some steriod drops to take along with Restasis.  He asked me to please be patient and he would do whatever he had to do to stop the burning and blurriness and give me clear eyesight.  (When I called for this appointment, I indicated how unhappy I was and that I was interested in having them removed.) So, at this point, I will wait a little longer to see if there is a change as my decision to have the ReStor Lens put in was pretty hasty.

Can you tell me what risks are involved in explanting of the ReStor Lens?  Knowing you had it done successfully does give me some hope in alternatives. Again, thanks, london bridge.  This forum has been very enlightening.  
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I do think it is good to see what can be done to relieve the burning. Dry eyes can impair your vision and cause bluriness, I believe. So of course it is worth waiting. Lenses can be explanted even after six months or a year. I waited six months. My Restor was also confimed by at least five other surgeons to be placed correctly. The problem was it was the wrong prescription, leaving me farsighted and unable to see clearly at any distance plus I had the typical problems with Restor of halos, ghosting, non crisp vision...After six months I was fairly certain this would not improve, nor did I buy into having the second Restor lens placed as a way of making my eyes work better together. I don't know if being fairly myopic (-.8) made a difference in my overall satisfaction as at that time the lenses had only recently been approved for prescriptions such as mine..

From what I understand explant surgery is more complicated because it involves essentially surgically removing the lens, which is more technically complicated than the initial cataract surgery. However in the hands of a highly skilled surgeon it can be done successfully. My surgeon was conservative and cautious. He made sure the Restor was not stuck to the capsule and that the capsule was not stuck to itself. Since it was neither, the removal went smoothly. Placing a new monofocal likewise was easy. Some people on this forum had complications for various reasons when they explanted. So it is a good idea to discuss with your surgeon what he/she feels the risks and complications could be and weigh your choices.

Perhaps the eye drops will help. Don't give up hope and know that there will be a solution down the road.
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You are an extraordinarily patient person.  You mentioned that your computer (intermediate) vision is blurry with ReStor.  Many people with ReStor need weak readers for comfortable computer vision, even under the best of circumstances.  How is your distance and your reading ability?  If either is poor, your lenses may be the wrong power and your vision will not improve much over time.  In your place, I'd consider getting another opinion from an experienced ReStor surgeon.  
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