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Extra dilated pupils and ''hallucinations'' (not sure)

I have very dilated pupils and sometimes there are weird stuff that goes across my vision
so it is bad? help and recommendations? what is it? here are the explanations;

first off, I'm french so sorry if I make spelling or grammar errors :)
My pupils are really often dilated to the point people notice it and even sometimes ask me if I took any drugs (it is a common side effect of drugs and psychoactive substances), which is by the way not the case. I have daily 63mg concerta for my ADD, but not on the week ends and the days I won't need it, and during these days, my pupils are still dilated most of the time. It doesn't look like a problem but it is because it makes me more sensitive to light, and sometimes it can be very unpleasant and problematic, especially with spotlights or stroboscopes at shows, bars or nightclubs.

Also, I have, like, hallucinations? well here are some examples:

- flashes of light (lights become super bright, but it doesn't hurt or blind, and only for a split second) that people around me don't see (i asked them so it's not just the lights glitching), happens not very often, once or twice a week maybe

-weird beams in the very left side of my vision (usually white) that happens more at night, especially when on computer with the lights closed, but it happened while walking in the street and other places too, but not too often, again maybe once or twice a week, and only for maybe 2-4 seconds each time.

-Slight dizziness pretty much everydays at diner time for one or two hours, i mean vertigo effect like (no headaches, it is actually a bit pleasant, things just spin a little bit, like the first noticeable effects of alcohol) and it is very very subtle, no walking problems or anything. I think the concerta has a link with this, because it happens pretty much everyday i use it, and only one day out of three (more or less) without it.

-colors sometimes changes a bit, and outlines of objects are extended, kind of like a little halo or a glowing effect, but very slight and most of the time not there)

-vivid patterns with eyes closed, but only at nightime

-this one is weird, pretty much everydays at night time, colors gets ''warmer''? it's hard to explain, and there are little dots of all colors (just like when you close your eyes) but with my eyes opened, a bit like before fainting or when standing up too fast (but not blackened dots, more like the ones with your eyes closed). doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is special because sometimes the colors start fitting and making lines, or patterns, but I can see through them by the way, it is like very subtle dots, and it happens in a way  that everything is a little bit... vibrating?, god it's hard to explain, and the vibrating effect isn't frequent, but the dots and patterns yea. It doesn't block my sight or anything, it's just over things i can see through them to the point i get used to it and ignore it.

I want to say that I am not on any psychoactive substances while experiencing these things, and yes it does look like i am on lsd or something, but extremely subtle and only visually. Also, I did not have any recent head injuries or injuries at all, and I don"t have any problems in my life (no stress or shocking experience in the past and right now) except maybe for a little depression, but that"s something else...

I started having these symptoms around june and it's december first (2014), so it kind of concern me

It never had any bad effects, except the fact that people look at me in a weird way when I stare at something because it changes colors a bit or there are patterns on it(by the way it's pretty fun to watch, because it happens not too often again and it looks good (I paint and draw a lot, so I try to get inspiration from it too))

So that's pretty much it, I am seeking for people with knowledge about this to enlighten me on possible diseases or I don't know what I might have, and it might not be my eyes, but I doubt it is my brain, but I'm not a profesional so I won't go too far on that, and any help or recommendations would be really helpfull

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There is a older discussion of visual disturbances here at medhelp in the neurology forum.  You might want to read through it:


Frankly, I do think you should talk with a doctor about what you are seeing.
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