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Extreme Light Sensitivity

I have been sensitive to the light for my entire life, to the point where I have to wear sunglasses indoors or wear two pairs of sunglasses at times.  The problem got worse a few years ago, because in addition to the sensitivity came recurring headaches at the sides of my head, as well as eye aches, particularly in the right eye.  I have seen a specialist, where I took an ERG, which was normal.  I also took an MRI and EEG (my sister and aunt have epilepsy), both of which were normal.  

One of the most confusing aspects of this is that the sensitivity varies from day to day and even throughout the day.  For example, while sitting in a room with the ceiling light on is perfectly fine at present, just yesterday I was very bothered by the light when I woke up, and it was dimmer in my room at the time than it is now.  It seems to be worse during the school year, perhaps a combination of stress and worse habits with eating and sleeping.  Sometimes I feel as if I am allergic to the light, sneezing and having a runny nose when exposed to what I consider to be bright.  

Additionally, I have brown eyes, my eyes are not dry (as told to me at a recent eye exam, although I have begun to take eye drops as suggested to see if they help.  So far, they do not.)
Although I do get headaches, and they are sometimes on and off for the entire day for days at a time, I do not get migraines, nor are the headaches very severe.

I do take antihistamines for seasonal allergies, but the symptoms started long before I began taking the OTC medication. I do not take any other medication other than the occasional one for a persistent headache.
Another doctor online suggested an autoimmune disease, but I do not have a rash, nor do I have joint pain or swelling.
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You obviously have a very unusual problem and have had extensive work ups and seen many types of specialists. I don't feel I can offer any insights.  Photo phobia is a common problem with many causes.  common coping mechanisms include hats with brims, sunglasses, sun goggles (e.g. NOIR)   photochromic lens like transitions, photogrey, photosun.

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