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Extreme glare after YAG

I had cataract surgery with Toric lenses put in almost a year ago.  I was very disappointed in that my good eye was not made as good as it could have been.  Instead they equalized the eyes without discussing this with me.  I saw black (and still do) around the edges of my eyes. I had both eyes done.  I saw a second opinion because I had other issues like my eyes jumping when I read and because glare came back worse than before I had the surgery.  The whole point of the surgery was because of nightime glare.  I feel like I was suckered into the surgery.  Anyway, the original surgeon had said that a YAG would clear things up.  My second opinion said the same thing.  So I had the YAG in my 'bad' eye and was scheduled for it in my good eye.  Well, the glare and streaks are sooooo bad that I did not have it done in my good eye.  It seems this surgeon is baffled why the streaks were worse.  I also found that my eyesight is now slightly worse after the YAG.  I had the YAG about 3 months ago now.  I saw him today and he is recommending an additional lens implant put in on top of the Toric lens.  He said it can be removed if it does not work.  He also said explanting is not an option.  I can find nothing about putting in another lens on top of the one already implanted.  He says the glare is from the Toric lens, not from the YAG.  But if that is the case, why did the glare become so bad that I am considering a patch over the eye so I can drive at night after the YAG and not before.  He also said there is only a 50% chance that this will help.  I need some facts about what is going on so I can make an informed decision.  This guy is supposed to be one of the best but when he says he has never seen this happen before, I wonder.  From what I am reading here, it sounds like this is a common occurrence that we are not told about regarding the YAG.  If I had known this, I certainly would not have had it done.   Are there any recommendations please?
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It is unusual for YAG posterior capsulotomy to make glare worse, unless the size of the capsulotomy is too small.  A second lens (piggyback) on top of the existing intraocular lens is done if a great deal of additional power is needed to correct the vision.  Another reason is if there is negative dysphotopsia (dark ring around the first implant); a piggyback lens seems to help with this.  An explantation of the first lens will be more complicated now that there is an open posterior capsule after the YAG laser.  If you let us know where you live, one of use could recommend a cataract surgery expert in your area.
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Yes. I had the cataract surgery.  My night vision improved and then started getting worse again.  Both surgeons recommended the YAG which I had in my bad eye.  Well it made the glare and starburts at night worse than before I had the cataract removed.  When I asked about it, I only got a blank stare and a shrug with the statement the eyes do not get worse after YAG.  So I am really upset. Especially now he is recommending implanting yet another lens in my eye in front of the toric lens.  He says that it helps 50% of the time.  Those do not sound like good odds.  And it sounds like a shot in the dark not something built on science.  I am very sick of these doctors convincing you that you need the surgery, downplaying complications to the poit of nonexistence and then having the results after cataract surgery worse than before.  I have to drive at night.  I have no option.  If I can't work, I may as well as die right now.  This impacts my life in every area - from not being able to see to work to not being able to drive to get to and from work.  I am wondering if this is all a scam to get people to have unnecessary surgery to pad their wallets.  I am more than pissed that I have trusted 2 surgeons at my demise.
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Dear Dr. Fazio,

I live in NH.  The second opinion I received that did the YAG surgery is in Boston.  He is suggesting (with a shrug) a clear second lense, not anything with any power.  He stated that there is a 50% chance it might work and if not, they could take it out.  Not much reassurance from this guy.
I do have the negative dysphotopsia in both eyes.  He and the first surgeon were not concerned about it at all and shrugged it away.  It feels like I have to keep pushing to get answers.  He claims the second clear lens may make the additional start bursts that are there now go away.  This does not make any sense to me.  Thank you for giving me insight.  If you know of someone in NH that is an expert in this area, I woudl appreciate it.  My insurance does run out the end of the year and I will not be able to do anythign after that.
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Dr. Fazio,

You said that you could give me the name of an expert in my area for cataract surgery issues.  Can y ou send that to me please?  As mentioned I live in NH and my insurance runs out at the end of the year.


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