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Eye Bleeding

Hi I do not know where to begin with.

My niece who is 8 year old and healthy started to bleed from her eyes. She only had a history of regular runny nose problem and very little blood coming from nose what we thought was due to catarrh and treatment taken for that.But some 2 montha back She started to bleed from her eyes and mouth.

Then we took her to couple of hospitals in Sri lanka but nothing extraordinary was found. ( Appolo
Hostipal ).

Then she was taken to Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital ( At this moment also he is in that hospital ). I would like to provide you with the history and the tests done on her. Please help us to find the cause of this and the seriousness of this. All our families are distraughed.

We can only pray for her.

I am unable to post the history of doctors diagnoses/ tests and pictures of her eye bleeding.

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It may be that the bleeding in the eyes is just a symptom of a greater systemic problem.  I cannot make any further commment - I'm sorry but she needs more immediate attention in person than I can provide here.  I hope everything turns out well.  If you have some specific question about the eyes - I will help with any information I can give.

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