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Eye Damage After Neck XRAY?

Hi, I was just wondering if an XRAY machine in a hospital has enough radiation to damage my retina after just one time? I had to get a neck XRAY, 2 sides and then me facing the front of the light. The reason I am worried is because there was this really bright white light when I walked in and I accidentally looked at it, and then started seeing little white flecks, which got me worried. The technician did not notify me to use any eyewear and it didn't seem like a big deal to him. Then after the zaps or rays my eyes started feeling really achey, dry, and tired, and sensitive to the hospital lights. When I got home I continued to see flecks, strings, glittery specks, black dots. And I have no preexisting eye conditions, and I am just worried that my eyes are not permanently damaged. The whole incident happened today, and I just hope it goes away. Please let me know if I need to get my eyes checked???

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You should go see an ophthalmologist because of your symptoms but they are not from the Xray machine.

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