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Eye Floater (Spiderweb kind of thing)

I have floaters (black spiderweb kind of thing in my right eye) for last few weeks and had my both eyes tested by 2 different doctors.  Both stated that there is no effect to ratina, however, they said I have to live with floaters.  The only cure they told me is to ignore them.  It is very difficult to ignore them because i can see it clearly.  Please advice will they ever go by time.  Also, please advice, is there anything we can do to prevent them from increasing in the future.    
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Hello Glhlam, I have floaters also, had them since age 9-10. They cannot be prevented, get more common as we get older and are more common in myope (near sighted).  With time they may drop to the bottom of the eye or swing to the far right or left of the eyeball, in these positions they aren't seen; they may also move farther away from the retina (towards the nose or front of eye), there they are easier to ignore. Finally almost everyone with time learns to ignore them and 'tune them out'.  \

Treatment in the past with lasers to break them up has not been helpful and an operation to remove them is too risky and almost always causes cataracts. Homeopathic eye drops for floaters are a waste of money.

If you have showers of floaters, flashes of light or loss of peripheral vision it can indicate a posterior vitreious detachment and a re-examination of the eye by an ophthalmologist is necessary.

JCH MD Eye Physician & Surgeon  (ophthalmologist = Eye MD)
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