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Eye Hemorrhage after vitrectomy

I had floaters removed from my left eye via vitrectomy.  It went very well and my vision was good for 5 days.  On day 6, when I woke up, I could not see out of the eye at all.  (Only light and dark)  They checked out my eye that same morning and determined that my retina was fine, but that a vessel had hemorrhaged into the vitreous humor causing my lose of sight.  They told me to go home and come back in 5 days.  What I need to know is what can be done to regain my vision and I should be doing to help this situation?  Also, if this is common problem with vitrectomy?
Please help,  Jan
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Not a very common problem after vitrectomy especially in the absence of diabetic retinopathy and for simple procedures such as floater removal.  I would be concerned of the possibility of a retinal tear and you need to be examined as soon as the blood is cleared to check for that with a dilated exam.  Hopefully in the meantime you had an ultrasound to check for a detached retina.

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Thank you for your response.  Yes, I did have an ultrasound the same morning that I lost my sight.  They did not see a retinal detachment.

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