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Eye Lid Vibration and Strain


I have been suffering this problem for a while,when i close my eye lids both of them tend to vibrate,they do not vibrate very fast but you can clearly see it when looking,I do not have problems with this but sometimes it tends to be discomfortable. I had seen an eye doc recently (not for this problem), he said my eyes were okay.I was an avid computer user for years as a result i have got neck and shoulder pain.My main problem is that during noon-evening i get this tiredness or some sort of strain/pain in my eyes that makes me discomfortable and stressed out and sometimes leads to headaches.

Could any one suggest me the root cause of this problem?
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It could be anything from wrong eyeglass prescription to dry eyes to muscular disorder affecting the eyes.  Go see an ophthalmologist and have them address this problem specifically.

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