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Eye Pain

I experienced excrutiating eye pain that started out just being a little dry eye. I got up on the morning and put my contacts in, i noticed a minute difference in the right eye. I put a drop in that eye and went about my day. I noticed after about 3 hrs. that irritation again that progressively got worst. i noticed a spot over my cornea that did not rinse away nor did it go away after i removed the contact lens. The pain became so bad that i could not see out of the eye nor could i open my eye.I ended up in the emergency room where they tested me to rule out a stroke. Morphine was the only relief that calmed the pain down in this eye. After all the the test were done and 12 hours later i was released to go home with  antibiotic eyedrops and a prescription for Percoset.My symptoms were pain, extreme dry mouth and no appetite. Eyelids were swollen , eye was red with constant tearing. ( i do suffer from Belles palsy episodes on the leftside of my face, after that symptoms showed up from that).Does anybody know what happened?
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Sounds highly suspicious for a corneal ulcer.  That could be an emergency depending on how bad it is.  Go see an ophthalmologist immediately/today.  DO NOT wear your contacts until seen by an eye MD/ophthalmologist.

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