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Eye Pain

Due to my job shifts being changed from morning to night, I've been having to adjust to a new sleeping schedule.. which isn't very easy for me to do. I've been getting 2-3 hours a sleep for the past month and often wake up to eye pain. I am worried it may lead to something more serious like AION. I heard it was near impossible to diagnose AION with the condition not having warning symptoms. I am trying to get more rest, but what can I do to avoid serious conditions to the eye without sleep?
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AION is not due to sleep its due to small blood vessel disease such as seen in smokers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea.  Your pain sounds like exposure keratitis and recurrent corneal erosions both of which have been discussed here many times. Use the search feature and read about treatment which involves putting lubricating gel in eyes before sleep.
Thank you for your input. Is it common for eyes to turn red from the lack of sleep? Maybe it's due to a combination of summer allergies. Or could i have something more serious like pink eye? It is in one eye. Other eye conditions I have are cataracts and dry eyes.
Yes lack of sleep can make eyes red. Allergies can make eyes red but not pain on awakening. Pink eye is not a disease its an inaccurate description of a eye color.  Be sure you look up exposure keratitis and recurrent corneal erosions both more common in dry eyes.
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