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Eye Plugs

Hi there, I have developed dry eye and blepharitis and have been trying various drops which aren't really helpful. My eye consultant suggested eye plugs to try, I am unsure which ones however she said they can be removed if I don't get on with them. I have had two left eye  retinal detachments in 2020 and was reluctant to have any further procedures to that eye. My left eye especially is very dry and feels like pin pricks and stabbing sensation especially when it's windy or air conditioning. I am currently on teo hourly drops of optive plus and evo tears 3 times a day. Do you think there is any greater risk for me to have the eye plug op with me having had the RD surgeries?
Many thanks
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Please read this article carefully:  https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/2324863/Dry-Eyes-Update-2020?personal_page_id=67912    Eye plugs that are permanent and cannot be removed are terrible and have been associaated with very serious tear sac infections.   The type that can be removed rarely stay in long the tend to fall out.   Both my wife and I have bad dry eyes. We have been on Restasis with spectacular results for over 8 years.  There are two other drops like Restasis,   xiidra which patients do not like and is very expensive and Cequa which is same medicine as restasis but stronger concentration. Ask you ophthalmologist about  Restasis (cyclosporin) think it just became available as generic.
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Is Cyclosporin a steroid ? My consultant has advised against steroids previously as I had Herpes Simplex Keratitis a few months ago which she said steroids could stir up again. The HSK was very painful and definitely don't want  that again although she has warned ne it can reaccur.

cyclosporin is not a steroid.   HSK reoccurs 50% of the time within 5 years.
OK thanks , hopefully I'll be lucky.
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