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Eye Redness & Floaters

I am having this condition for a while now. I noticed increased floaters in Left Eye from May, right after I had a flu and I took a lot of Emergen-C Immune+ supplement that has Vitamin D as well.
I thought increased floaters are due to clear skies of summer. I visited an optometrist in late June and he performed comprehensive eye exam by dilating eyes. He did not find anything, he said eyes are healthy. The only thing he noticed is I have larger retina and he suggested glaucoma screening. I didn't do it as glaucoma doesn't run in my family and I am just 24 now.

I noticed increasing floaters in Right eye since two weeks now. I also noticed that, for about last three weeks, when I wake up the eyes are a bit pinkish. Not severely pink though. After I take bath, they get okay. However if I go very close the mirror, I notice slight redness around the outer round thing (I guess its called Sclera). I tried to capture this in photo, but in photo I guess it is not very visible. I will try to highlight in attached photos though.

I noticed increase in floaters when I start taking Vitamin D and/or similar immune boosting supplement such as Turmeric. I have been taking 240mg tuermeric twice daily.
I was diagnosed with Pityrosis Rosea, a skin condition that causes rashes on trunk, on sides. Likely to be caused by HSV ? It is also likely that I have candida ? I read on a lot of forums, the connection between candida and floaters ? I may also have lyme ?

Can anyone comment on my eye photos and help me narrow down the condition ?
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Here's link to eye photos. The redness is prominent on the side of the eye toward nose, on both eyes.

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Floaters are rarely connected with any of the conditions you mention. The photos are not sharp focus but redness is not very impressive. I would suggest you see an Eye MD ophthalmologist. Find one near you at www.geteyesmart.org

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