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Eye Soreness

  Hi.  I hope you can provide some insight into my problem.  About two weeks ago I was having bad headaches, usually around and behind my eyes.  I went to my opthamologist and he could find nothing wrong with my eyes and recommended I see my physician about a possible sinus infection.  I did so and he has prescribed an anti-biotic and a decongestant, which I have been on for about three days.  It has helped the headaches, but I find that I am now experiencing sharp pain in my eyes...nothing constant, but an occasional "jolt" every now and then.  Even when there is no pain, they tend to feel heavy or tired, like they are having trouble focusing.  My vision has not actually been impaired, and since that is the case my doctor suggested that the decongestant which is drying up my sinuses could be causing my eyes to dry up as well.  His solution:  drink lots of water.  I checked the listed side effects of the medication and it did not include dry eyes.
  My questions are:  1)  Is this a common occurrence with strong decongestants;  and 2)  Could there be some other underlying cause for the eye problems besides my sinuses that my opthamologist could have missed?  His exam was pretty thorough.
  Thanks for your time.
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anti histamines and decongestants can and do cause dry eye-  but usually not this fast.
my guess is all your symptoms remain related top the sinus problems and that
to cure that will take care of the eye discomfort. remember that our eyes are surrounded by sinuses so
sinus problems are a leading cause of eye "discomfort", especially with
a normal eye exam.  good luck.  and by the way, instead of drinking water try using
over the counter artificial tears.

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