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Eye color change after surgery

In the last 2 months I have had a retinal detachment surgey (vitrectimy) that failed after 3.5 weeks.  Prior to a second surgery it was determined that I needed cataract surgery.  After having that surgery i have now had a second RD surgery.(gas bubble as well as schleral buckle).  It has been 10 days since the surgery and my eye has now changed from very blue to green in color.  I have been taking a antibiotic and pred forte.  
i forgot to mention, my pupil stayed dialated fro m the original RD surgery and my Dr. has told me that sometimes that happens to younger patients.  Why has my eye changed color and will it turn back?
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This eye is under a great deal of stress and it is not unusual for blue eyes to loose some of their luster and look more dull and drab sometimes with a more grayish color.  A blue iris is usually the most fragile and thin and most prone to injury from surgery in my experience.  I really can't say if it will ever get better, perhaps after things settle down, I suppose you should look a lot better.  Unfortunately for you, the color change, is really way down on the list of concerns concerns, since you still have very serious problems going on.  I'm very sorry, and I suspect that you will still have blue eyes, yet perhaps just a little aged by all the physical stress on the eye.  God Bless and take care.

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