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Eye disturbances, grey spot in vision (now permanent)

I've had issues with my eyes for the last two-three years.

First, I got ocular migraine or migraine auras after intake of alcohol on some weekends.
After that, I moved abroad and experienced strong white flashes for around 10 seconds in my right eye (right lower peripheral vision)

A year ago I started noticing some black spots or visual disturbances when on the computer screen late at night
in my peripheral vision.

But lately, it has gotten worse and more concerning, a few times I have experienced a big red/blue/yellow shadow or coloration in my right peripheral vision, sometimes it can also be a purple dot (like I got blinded by a light, but didn't)

And finally, I now have a grey permanent spot in my left eye (which has usually been the least affected one)
The grey spot is located a little to the left of my central vision and is noticeable mostly in daylight conditions (in the dark it can look like a dark smudge) - sometimes the spot can be a bit red/blue or bright instead of grey colored.

I have multiple big floaters in my right eye, and some on my left as well. But i also experience afterimages at times, and have also once experienced a black line over text i'm reading for a few seconds in my left peripheral vision (where the permanent spot now is).

Age 35, Caucasian, my eyesight is good, i dont use glasses.

What is going on with my eyes?
I have been tested six times now by different ophthalmologists, and have gotten most of the tests available here in this country in Asia.
But no one can give me an explanation.

I really appreciate your time for reading my post and for any help and tips.
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duplicate post, answered on other posting
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