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Eye floaters at age 14 which happened on a period of stress and anxiety?

Well, during my school holidays which was 2 months.I became really anxious about my health after I felt that my ear was blocked.Went to the doctor said it was a earwax blockage.I got really anxious over this as I searched the net and saw it could be fluid in my ear or smth.So doctor flushed it out and now I'm ok. Soon after that I became so aware of my eyes after getting elbowed on my left eye. I checked my vision after getting hit for the next 2 weeks.And I became really anxious.After that 2 weeks no eye problems. I was still anxious and checked my body for symptoms.even thought I had strabismus which made me anxious again.Then one day I played basketball and noticed that my heart was beating rapidly.then I became anxious.As usual..so I sat down and happened to look at the sky and saw like tiny little dots moving around my entire field of vision..Is this the blue field entoptic phenomenon?I didnt knew it then and thought it was eye floaters..I became REALLY anxious that the next day I looked up in the sky and there it was floaters!which I didnt notice yesterday.Until now I'm anxious cause of my floaters along with the tiny dots moving in my vision whenever I look at the sky and now vision seems flickering or smth.I dont know..And Im only 14!Help me please Is this all in my mind or do i have a serious problem?I think its caused by my anxiety..really.help?
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But its floaters in BOTH eyes..and in my opinion the floaters are more in my RIGHT eye.how is it so?
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My concern is the history of getting elbowed in the left eye.  Trauma can lead to vitreous detachment, retinal tear, and retinal detachment.

I suggest you see an ophthalmologist.
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