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Eye focus problem after excerxie


Past 3 months have been difficult for me, it all started with extreme pressure on each side of my head, which lasted about a day or 2 and then went away.

Since then, I've had this annoying problem with my eyes. After football training, my eyes struggle to focus on anything close to me (within arms length) I've had my eyes checked, which came back fine. It takes about 20-30 mins for my eyes to go back to normal.

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You do not state your age, but I assume you are young if you are pursuing football training.  I would see an ophthalmologist for a complete exam, including a cycloplegic refraction (the check for glasses is done after the pupils are dilated, so that the focusing or accommodating muscles are relaxed.  This will reveal if you are farsighted, or hyperopic).  You may also need a medical evaluation to rule out diabetes.
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