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Eye infection

Hello, I am a 20 year old male healthy otherwise
I really need some help here, It seems that I have some sort of infection in my eyes, and now might have a serious issue with my eye sight, as well as a possible  STD.
On January 19th i received oral sex from an escort and think this may be linked into this.

Jan 23 - i got painful urination which went away throughout the day and sometimes got itchy although it came and went
Jan 26- I go to the doctor and he gives me a blood test for Hiv, a swab for gohnerrea and urine test for chlamydia although i did tell him what happened he said it was most likely irritation
Feb 1- saw that my left eye was getting slightly red although i do wear contacts so i thought this was just from irritation
Feb 2 - symptoms on painful urination did not go away and went back, all tests came back negative although he did prescribe ciprofloxacin 500mg for twice a day for 10 days and took another urine test for chlamydia
Feb 3- went to the doctor because eye was getting very red and was starting to have a discharge from it where he prescribed tobramycin drops and told me if the symptoms dont change or get worse to go to emergency
Feb 4- eyes were not better and the redness and irritation had moved to the other eye so went to the hospital where the doctor thought it might me Reiter's syndrome caused by chlamydia although i did tell him i got negative results. He did say that sometimes it may come back false although its not true so he told me to stop ciprofloxacin and prescribed 400mg surpax and 100mg doxycycline
Feb 5 - symptoms still persist and urination gets more painful
Feb 6- Went back my doctor he told me the second urine test came back negative for chlamydia although he didnt check for gohnerrea and ruled out stds he sent me to an eye doctor where she told me this was most likely to be a viral eye infection and told me to stop using tobramycin and prescribed Erythromycin op oint as well as maxidex op 0.1%
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Hi nightrunner21,
Both gonorrhea and chlamydia can infect the eye, but it's true that you could have a viral eye infection not related to a STD. Other STDs can infect the eye, too. You need to go visit with a Eye MD (ophthalmologist) so that these can be ruled out. Syphillis and HIV need to be checked off the list, too. Best of luck!
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hello doctor thankyou for your reply . Would you think its still possible for the second test to come up negative and still have an std and is there anything else other than std related that would give these symptoms
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