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Eye injured by putting chemical in both the eyes

Dear Sir,
My name is Ravi, Male, 29 Yrs,
My eyes were beautiful, nice, healthy and having clear vision. In the year 2004, I have done a great mistake in my life. I was living in a small town, there one merchant came and sold one item, named as "Chemical Stone". He told that this is good for your eyes; it keeps your eyes cool. So I purchased that stone immediately and kept in my home, after 15 days when I opened it, it became expired. In spite of knowing that I took and mixed it into some water, then I put it in my both eyes. After that I got my eyes problematic. Since that, whenever I see the electric bulbs and candle lights, I see two circular rings around the bulbs. One is blue and another one is brown color, the lights are seen to me a little foggy. I see the rays of the lights are expanding and vibrating. Besides that whenever I see to the sky, an oily thinly layer and eye floaters are viewed to me. Not only that the neurons of my head often pulled automatic, mainly at both of the ear sides. I have consulted 4 eye doctors, One of them have given me "Himalaya Opthacare" Eye drop, but not healed then again he gave me "Dexacort -N" again no benefit I have got. Then another one suggested me to wear spectacles. I have used the eye drops only for one month immediate after I got the infection. Then I discontinued all the Eye drops. Overall I am frustrated, worried and nervous about my eyes’ condition.
( A ) Can I get my eyes back in good condition as they were before ?
( B ) What kind of disease I have been suffering from ?
( C ) What should I do now ?
( D ) How it can be healed completely ?
( E ) What are the medicines, technical procedures and natural herbals you suggest for my eyes' condition ?
I await for your precious reply…..
Please help.....
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Without examining you, it is hard to say what is wrong with your eyes.  It is possible that the initial chemical may have caused an injury to the cornea, with some scarring.  This would be evident on an eye exam.  I would see an ophthalmologist (not an optometrist) for a complete evaluation, and determine if there is a need to be referred to a specialist.
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