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Eye migrane/blurred vision

  What exactly is an eye migrane and is there any medical treatment?   I had blurred segment in my left eye for two days.  It at first felt like an eye lash or morning goe floating in my eye. My eye stayed dry and slighty itched.  However by noon on the second day, I could not see the person sitting to my left. It was like a gray haze and all vision fron the left eye was blurred.  I immediately was checked for a dettached retina.  All test indicated that everything should be ok.  The doctor suggested that it could be an eye migrane.  But it has been constant for 48 hours,  I have not had a migrane (with in a week).   I am to report back in 24 hours and if there is still no improvement he has suggested further testing.  Do you know of any other possible explanations?
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ocular migraines can last for hours, but typically last only minutes. given that yours is 1-2 days i would be suspicious of other possible explainations, which may require further testing. these may include retinal diagnoses, optic nerve pathology or intracranial processes. i do not mean to alarm you, but if your symptoms are truly due to a loss of visual ( peripheral ) field of vision then they demand thorough testing by an ophthalmologist.  good luck.

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