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Eye muscle damage

Hi dear doctor

Ive been in a car accident about 3 years ago. Since the accident ive had problems with my eye muscles on the right hand side of my head caused by a blow to the head on impact. i had a very large cut on my head. The symptoms im getting is muscle strains, double vision, headacks when muscle tightens, burn feeling on eyelid skin, neck pain. I have no idea what could cause these symptoms. i need advice urgently so that i can know what to do. please assist me in this matter because it is a major concern for me and alot of pain.

thank you very much

elizabeth van staden
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The symptom that is most significant from an eye standpoint is the double vision.  Please make an appointment with an ophthalmologist to see if there is any double vision which could be caused by a cranial nerve palsy or orbital injury, or a brain injury.  SInce the accident was three years ago, I'm unclear why it is urgent.  Maybe there are new, bothersome symptoms...All I can say is yes, you are obviously having some problelms.  The place to start is a very thorough eye exam with an ophthalmologist.

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