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Eye pain in left eye due cylindrical power

I am 30 years old. I am having eye pain in my left eye from last 1.5 year. I have showed to multiple Ophthalmologists and optometrists. But it has not helped at all. I have written the complete detail. I know it is difficult to go through. If someone can suggest/advice me on the issue I have, it would be great help.

I had power of -0.25 spherical and -0.5 cylindrical with axis 180 in both the eyes.  I used this power for around 3 years and I didn't have problem with it. Around 1.5 years back. my eyes started paining and I showed to many doctors. Every one prescribed me different power and tear drops. They said no problem with eyes. Power was normally change for cylindrical power. Sometime -0.75, sometime -0.5 and sometime -0.25. I usually used to get pain in left eye. Right eye had no problem. With all power prescribed, it used to get adjusted.  
In left eye, when I wore -0.75 cylindrical , my eyes used to pain a lot and I used to feel like I have light sensitivity. When pain didn't reduce, I changed my power back to -0.5 cyl. Pain was reduced little bit. After few months, again I reduced my cylindrical power to -.0.25 after checking with optician. This reduced pain in left eye little bit again. But it used to pain most of the time. So now , I have reduced cylindrical power to 0 in left eye.Only spherical 0.25. Now it doesnt pain as much as before. But I get little headache as I have double vision in left eye and not wearing cylindrical power. But good thing is that sharp pain which I had in left eye is not there now. Now i don't see things very clear. It's little blur. My left eye shape has also got changed from last 1 year. It has become little small.

I am not sure what is causing so much pain in my eyes. I use computer for around 8 hours in a day. I take lot of breaks. I use tear drops as well, even though it is not helping.
Please help me with my problem. Thanks in advance.
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Your glasses are very weak and many people with your type of RX don't wear glasses at all. Also changes in glasses RX that are so tiny not normally cause any pain. No way I can tell you exactly what your problem is but if available I would suggest you see an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specialize in eye muscles (they are called pediatric ophthalmologist or strabismologists)  You may have an eye muscle problem like convergence insufficiency. That is the best I can do
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