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Eye pressures 17 and 22 on last visit? Is this worrying for a young man?

25 male,

Born with congenital cataracts in both eyes, left eye (pressure of 22) was operated on at five years of age and implanting IOL at same procedure. Vision has been stable since. Right eye (pressure of 17) still has a mildly significant cataract that is non progressive.

Anyway I’m worried about glaucoma, the left pressure seems high and while this was 10AM still higher than normally acceptable, plus the difference of 5 points is significant isn’t it? Doesn’t this point towards early glaucoma? The eye doctor said my dilated exam showed the optic nerve looked very healthy so she wasn’t worried but aren’t there more tests to be done to be sure?

For note my pressures are usually asymmetrical, most times 16-19 with the left eye always being the higher pressure at my appointments.  
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Intraocular pressure (IOP) is not normally the same in both eyes and changes throughout the day.  As long as the optic nerve looks good and other parameters for glaucoma are normal it is not likely you need a lot of expensive glaucoma tests. Just see an Eye MD and have a yearly check.
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If I could ask what are the other parameters for glaucoma? Are they things she would have seen on dilation exam? I know they said with my cataract surgery so young that’s a major risk factor for glaucoma which is why they are so cautious with me and that is the eye they operated on.

Also is it true pressure is highest in the morning? This was at 9:30am as most my appointments are, so it’s reassuring to know if it’s likely no more than that at any point.
The IOP is highest at different times for different people.  Very individual and called 'diurnal curve"  the other parameters are family and personal history, corneal thickness, cup/disk ratio, refractive error, visual field, nerve fiber layer thickness on OCT, age, nationality, history of trauma, other medications and patient reliability.
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