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Eye still dilated after discontinuing Homatropine 4 days ago

I had traumatic iritis after my daughter threw a toy at my eye on Thursday of last week (today is Wednesday this week). I could only see grey and lights for 3 hours when my vision started to come back. I saw an eye doctor after and they dilated my eyes.  They sent me home with Homatropine 5%.  I took that twice a day until stopping after the first dose this Sunday. My pupil has shrunk but not back to normal. I’m so nervous because I can’t find anything specific on how long it will take my pupil to go back to normal or if it ever will. My vision is still a little blurry out of the affected eye but with my glasses it’s 20/20. I need to know if my pupil will go back. If I look under a light at home with a mirror I see it shrink or go outside in the sunlight it will shrink. But I don’t see a significant difference between yesterday and today. Please help me. I’m so scared.
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According to me, You will go for an eye care specialist as soon as possible because if you don't go for any ophthalmologist, so may be you suffer different kinds of eye disease. Hope you understand & take care of you eye.
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If your eyes are light colored (blue, green, gray) it could take a couple of weeks to wear off.  Know also that some trauma to the eye permanently damages the pupil and it stays bigger than the uninjured size permanently. This is called traumatic iridoplegia.   Report this to your ophthalmologist.
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My eyes are brown and the dilation has gone down a lot. And it constricts in light. What can I do if it’s permanently damaged?
Don't worry about it for at least 6-8 weeks.
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