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Eye trauma

Similar to one of my previous questions

if the iris was still intact with no real damage could trauma or minimal trauma turn the whole of the iris a darker shade of its natural color? Basically would the iris in some way produce more melanin as a result from trauma leading to a darker shade? Let's say green eyes would turn a darker green or hazel eyes would turn a darker hazel color?
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That is a different deal. Yes trauma can cause the iris to change color. However it usually get lighter due to fall out of the brown pigment.  Does not usually get darker
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I suffered a blow to the eye during a rugby game ,the blow did strike my eyeball but all so the orbital bones , everything seems fine but i feel as if the whole of the iris  has turned a darker shade ,have you ever heard of this?
If you had blood in the front of your eye (hyphema) and you have blue/light colored eyes, it is possible it might have gotten darker from the blood pigment (hemoglobin) staining.  Otherwise it would be difficult to explain.
Any idea what could of caused it?
The blow to the eye. I asked if you saw an Eye MD and IF you had blood in the front. If you did not go to an Eye MD for an exam then you should now.
There was no blood in the eye?
Then I have answered all your questions I can and you will need to discuss with your ophthalmologist. I will have nothing further to add.
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