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Eye vision at night

When I wake up at night to use the restroom and don't turn on any lights, my vision with my right eye is like looking through a veil.  If I cover it and only look around with my left eye, I see much more clearly.  Details of the door, etc.  If I cover my left eye and look around with my right eye, it is considerably darker and details I could see with the other eye disapper.  It is like looking through a thin veil.  

Should I be concerned?
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I would recommend a comprehensive evaluation with an ophthalmologist (Eye MD).  Your symptoms could indicate an optic nerve or retina problem.  You need to have a visual field performed, which tests the extent of the field of vision, and a gonioscopy to evaluate for narrow anterior chamber angles.  If the angles are open, you also need a full dilated exam.  
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