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Eye vision worsening rapidly

Why did my vision decrease dramatically while I was in high school? In elementary school I had 20/30 vision but by the end of my senior year it became 175/250. Four years ago, I had the best vision out of my family, but now I have the worse. I did not start wearing glasses until sophomore year when I noticed I couldn't see the board clearly. During high school, I did go through a growth spurt. I think I grew 6-7 inches in 3 years.  I also got my first laptop while starting my freshman year which I have used a great deal. I'm wondering if those are main factors that played a role in my dramatic vision loss. On a unrelated note, I have been experiencing split second blackouts within the last few months. They happen occasionally, sometimes 3 times a day while none in 1 week. Should I be worried?
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Sounds like you need a good eye exam by an EyeMD (ophthalmologist). Your vision changes are concerning and I'd recommend a checkup.
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