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Eyes changing shape from myopia?

Hi, I am 17 years old and I have high myopia with around -6 the last time I went to my optometrist, which was last year. My myopia has always been progressing at a fast rate, and I've been having to change glasses around every year since I started wearing them.
2 years ago I started to notice that my eyes protruded out slightly, and I just assumed it was because of my nearsightedness so I didn't think much of it. During this time my eyes have been gradually bulging out more and more.
This summer, however, my eyes have gotten a lot worse in a small period of time. I now can't see anything unless it's a few inches away from my face. My eyes have dramatically changed in shape, bulging to the point where they almost touch my glasses. My eyes have also gotten narrower in width and in length, as if it's stretching into a football shape. It makes my eyes look smaller and closer together. My irises now appear smaller, and I can see the whites above and below my eyes if I open them wide.
I used to have big eyes and now they look small and beady, and it really distresses me because my eyes are still continuing to change shape in this manner, and it's doing this faster than ever now. Is this typical of high myopia, or is there something wrong with me? Is there any way to reshape my eyes back to what they looked like before? I hate the way I look right now.
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Long eyes are characteristic of high myopia. Thick lenses correct for this myopia/nearsigthedness. These think lenses make everything behind them appear tiny or narrow. As you get stronger prescriptions it will give the appearance of gradual diminution (shrinking). You are also describing bulding too. The appearance of a shrunken, narrow eye doesn't typically fit with a bulging eye...typically just the opposite. If the eye is bulging, then it will typically appear larger or more pronounced, but if viewing the eyes behind your "stronger" spectacles they will appear smaller. Get it? Now, with that being said, there are conditions which can cause the eyes to bulge, most notibly Thyroid Eye Disease. You need to have your thyroid checked with your primary care doc. Other causes of eyes bulging or shrinking are related to diseases which affect the eye sockets or orbits. Certain growths will cause this description...You should go visit your friendily ophthalmologist for a good checkup soon. Please keep us posted on your evaluation results.
Best wishes,
Timothy McGarity, M.D.
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I went from a -3.00 to 20/20.  No surgery, but rehab work.  Look up 'myopia rehab' in Google.  

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