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Eyes felt like they were crossing and became unfocused

Had an incident the other day where I felt like, very suddenly, my eyes were "crossing up" and they became unfocused. I couldn't focus on anything for about 10-15 seconds. Everything was all mixed up....I couldn't "see" anything with straight normal vision.
Then it cleared up, and then again about 5 seconds later it tried to do it again, but only lasted about 3-5 seconds and it cleared again and hasn't done it anymore since.
Really scared me as I've never experienced anything like that before.
Any idea what could cause that?
I have an appointment with the doctor in the AM to tell him about it.
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It could have been an accommodative spasm from too much near work, or a medication side effect (seen that one several times before) or too much stress, not enough sleep, or perhaps improper glasses prescription.  Fortunately, bad problems usually don't just go away on their own, so hopefully it does not represent a major problem.  Good Luck.

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