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Eyes - low frequency?

I have glasses since I was born and I have no idea what "normal" sight is, so I can't really compare, but I feel like my eyes run on low frequency or... something.
Basically any movement is kind of blurry. When I watch my 200 Hz TV, the movement is perfectly smooth though. It's not like that on 100 Hz TV. I asked ppl around and they said they see no difference at all in those two TVs but for me it's like completely different world. What does that tell me?

Also, I have kind of transparent white/blue blur in front of me. Like... when smb takes a night flash photo of you, you can still see the flash for a while.
I have that there all the time, just not so heavy. I can see okay, and I always thought it's normal, but recently I questioned smb and they said it's not.
I have the blur there all the time, even when I close my eyes - the only time it's not there is right when I woke up with closed eyes in the morning. When I open them - there it is again until the next day again.

Any ideas what these things are? Thanks
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I had these since I can remember, but I had a laser surgery last January and I went through all kinds of examinations. Or is this some rare or special exam, which they wouldn't do before the surgery? (lens implants)
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It's hard to say without a complete exam.  I would see an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive exam. It is possible that you have some higher-order aberrations causing the symptoms; these can be measured with a wavefront analyzer.
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