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Fast developing cataracts...?

I have WMD and have had for some time. I have  had several lazer treatments and 3 steroid injections to both eyes.  

I have never been diagnosed with cataracts before. Never thought I had them and my eye dr. had never mentioned them.

3-4 weeks ago I went to my MD. He added a couple of meds to my list. They were 40mg celexa and 5mg ambien. I took them for 2-3 days and all of a sudden I have badly blurred vision in my left eye. {which os the beast eye I have] I was to go My eye dr in 4 weeks or so and was afraid to wait. So I made an appt.

He got me in and diagnosed me with cataract[s]. He said thatthe meds were not the cause. I don't know what to think.

I had not had the blurred vision till then. I came on abruptly. From what I have read they come on slow. I know that there is a possiblity that I have had cataracts developing for some time, but I went from being able to see well enough to function normally to almost not seeing at all.My vision is basically like when you open your eyes underwater when swimming in a pool. I can barely see to drive. I am really pushing it to drive. At night the blurr is terrible. I can see someone's face but can''t really tell their expression.

I am just wondering 1.If the meds did this and 2.If I should go with the surgery or see what time will do. [ i has been like 2 weeks ro 16 days since I quit taking those above meds.]

Back when I was first diagnosed with diabetes I went almost blind...I was terrified. The eye dr at that time [different one] gave me THICK glasses and said that is where I would probably always be. Not much chance of them improving. Well after several weeks I could see fine. After a long period I didn't even wear glasses. I am just wondering if this could be another bout like that or not....

My surgery is to be 1 April...

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Take note.  It is very, very important that the cataract surgeon and retinal specialist be in close communication. You appear to have two totally separate and distinct problems.  The diabetes can definitely make your cataracts progress quite rapidly and the steroid injections can also increase the rate of growth.  The risk of post-operative swelling and bleeding of the retina is far greater in cases like yours.  This can lead to real problems with reduced vision after surgery in some cases.  It is very important that all retinal issues be very carefully attended to and stableized before cataract surgery.  I tell my patients that the cataract surgery is a 10 minute short bump in the road in a very, very long journey for many years to come where macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy will continue relentlessly to try to get worse.  HOWEVER, it all the retinal problems are not very closely taken care of pre and post operatively, then in some cases there can be worsening of these problems.  Make sure your cataract surgeon and retinal specialist speak to each other and understand the short and long term plans.

This is an area that I am very passionate about as I want every patient to have the most successful result possible in my practice.

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my drs are in the same office. Now whether or not they are on the same page I can only hope.

Dr Bloom, my WMD dr  [http://www.eyecenters.com/our-doctors/steven-m-bloom-md-facs.html] is there on tuesdays.His name is Dr. Bloom

Dr. Witcher is there on a daily basis.[ http://downingmcpeak.com/dmvc/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=16&Itemid=30] he is the one who will do the cataract surgery.

They are at  Downing McPeak eye center.[http://www.downingmcpeak.com/dmvc/]

I am very anxious about this procedure. I am to have it siine tomorrow  4-1-10.  I hope and pray all goes well. Like I said before I was just surprised at how fast this all came about. The eye in question is the only one I have/had  decent sight in  I am just hoping that it will be OK as I have been blessed to have been given 2 grandbabies as of late and would love to see them grow...    not to mention being able to continue seeing my beautiful wife.

Dr. Bloom said that he needed to have the cataract removed so he could continue to treat the WMD. I understand that the cataract limits his ability to see the back of my eye. I also understand that, in my case, there might be complications.

I would liked to have been able to sit down with both men and discussed it further.  To be able to look into the long term problems and or possibilities.

Is there anything I should mention or is there anything I should address to make sure we are doing the correct thing at the correct time?

Like I said I know I am in need of some more laser work and I guess this is what we have to do iin order to get that done. Dr. Bloom seemed most concerned with that. [the ability to be able to do more laser procedures.]

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