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First time wearing glasses- Eye strain

Hi! I recently got my prescription glasses from my optometrist and started wearing them 2 days ago. I noticed that my eyes felt tired at the end of the day. I can see objects at a distance clearly but my eyes felt strained when I'm reading. Often I have to adjust my spectacles slightly lower from my eyes where I will feel much more comfortable. I can read fine without my glasses actually. Does the eye strain and tiredness indicate that my glasses are overcorrected? Or I'm just not used to wearing glasses since it's my first time? How can I reduce the eye strain? Will wearing the glasses on and off throughout the day deteriorates my eyesight?
My prescriptions are:
R: -0.75(sph)
L:-0.50(sph), -0.25(cyl)

Please advise. Thank you very much.
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What is your age? If you are late 30's or early 40's then you will read better with your glasses off due to "presbyopia". If you are middle 30's or younger you should not have trouble reading with them at all if its the right RX. I suggest you contact the optometrist that wrote the RX and made the glasses. Normally checking these are done at no cost to you.
Thank you for your reply. I'm 23 this year. I went back to the optometrist again and he told me that the original prescription was correct. However, since I have eye strain for both eyes, he decided to reduce the prescription of right eye to -0.50.

I'm wearing the glasses with the new prescription for about a day now. Reading seems to be much more comfortable with the new lenses. However, my left eye felt this "pull effect" like eye strain again after a few hours.I admit that I usually wear it on and off throughout the day, only during my lecture classes.  My right eye feels fine though.

Am I supposed to wear it continuously throughout the day? How long is the adjustment period? Everything seems to be very bright with the new lens and I'm wondering if it is normal too.. Please advise.
You can wear your glasses as you wish.  Some people wear all the time; some remove and read without glasses (which is actually less work for the eyes); some wear glasses just for distance and some don't wear glasses at all.  You have a very weak RX
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