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Flashes after Laser photocoagulation

PLEASSEEEE REPLY.. i want my 2nd opinion, im so scared

Hello! I am female 22, high myopia (-6)both eyes. diagnosed with lattice degeneration a month ago. I haven't experienced any symptoms, even floaters... i think i have a healthy eyes, my goal is for lasik but they found some lattice problem in me. I just had my Laser photocoagulation last 2 weeks both my eyes... first is the left, next is the right...

and now?? I'm experiencing weird things....... i experienced frequent flashes of lights!!! Gosh it scares me... I also experience some wavy lines or double lines in my vision especially at night... I didn't noticed this before but after the laser i experienced this a lot..

I went to my retinal specialist last week and he told me that my retina is normal and the laser is really sealing some of my holes (i have small reetinal holes already at the left).. My doctor said that these flashes will occur for 2 to 3 weeks.. i don't know the cause of this,, maybe the laser?

My question is, is this normal if you have laser  photocoagulation? thanks for your reply
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I aslo have those flashes in the peripheral of my eyes when the laser retinopexy fixed the holes in the lattice. My doctor said I also had partial pvd and don't know when will it end. Does yours disappear after 3 or 4 weeks? How are you feeling now? I had laser done 8 weeks ago.
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