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Flashes in the corner of my left eye?


I'm 29 year old from the Philippines. I'm severely myopic and I use contact lenses and glasses to help me in my work and studies. In November of last year (2009) I went to a retinal specialist to have my eyes checked up because of the floaters that started to annoy me. He diagnosed me with lattice degeneration and PVD, and told me to observe any changes in my vision.

These past few days, I started to see some flashes in the corner of my left eye. It doesn't happen frequently, though. Sometimes when I watch TV there's this small "flash" that appear in the corner of my left eye, like what happens when I put pressure on my eyeballs. I use the computer everyday because of work/business. Could it be because of too much stress on my eyes? Or is it a sign of retinal tears?

Flashes don't happen all the time though and for long hours I don't experience (notice?) them at all. However, I'm bothered because when I lie down and was about to go to sleep, they seem to appear. And when I wake up in the morning, a small flash appears instantly (in the corner again) in a split-second. But when I stood up and went about my daily activities they didn't return.

Am I being paranoid? Is it a sign of eye stress or is there a much sinister problem? Please help. Thank you.
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This was the symptoms I had when I was diagnosed with a Retinal Detechment and have since had surgery.  
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Best to get a qualified opinion about the flashes. I have a partial retinal detachment, thus the floaters/flashes. The flashes appear when I'm in the dark & move my head rapidly. As far as I know they will remain. Had cataracts removed recently & was amazed how clear everything now is. Of course this has nothing to do with flashes, but they seem to be commonly experienced. Get your Eye Doc to give an opinion. Good Luck. George
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Use of a computer does nothing more than make the eyes tired, it does not damage or hurt them.

Do see an ophthalmologist.

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Thank you for your comments and opinions. I went to a retinal specialist today and after a dilated eye exam, he suggested that I have laser surgery to prevent a retinal detachment.

Is it really necessary to have laser treatment for lattice degeneration? I'm considering a second opinion.
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Did u ever get the surgery??? I have the exact same thing as you! I'm only 28 :(
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29 here, wondering the same thing, sorry for reopening an old thread.
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