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Flashes of light with eye movement

I just asked a question the other day about my vision only being correctable to 20/25. I went back to the optometrist and she was able to get me to 20/20. I’m chalking it all up to my astigmatism. However, there is something else that is really worrying me.

If I gently press on my right eye, I see a silver bright spot that pulses in rhythm with my heartbeat. I also noticed that when I run or jump, I see this spot too. It’s circular and in the center of my vision and I can see lines that look like veins when I cough really hard. I’m so scared I have RP. I saw a retina specialist the other day and he said that I did not have it, but he only did a dilated exam and an OCT. Is RP easily visible upon exam with dilation? Or is it easy to miss? I just don’t know if it’s an obvious disease that’s easy to see for a retina specialist or if it is often missed and diagnosed after several visits.

Do you have any idea what this could be? Again, it happens whenever the slightest amount of pressure is applied to my eyes. I have lattice and migraines (this is not a migraine or floater) and I’m 35 year old female in good health (not overweight and all blood work came back as perfect).

Thanks and I’m hoping you can shed some light in this.
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Quit pressing on your eye!  Your observation is normal and the spot is an "entopic phenomenon"  due to the pressure of the finger on the eye stimulating the retina.  Retinitis pigmentosa is usually easy to diagnose and if you saw an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specializes in retina and you were told you didn't have it, and it doesn't run in your family I would accept that and quit obsessing.
Okay thank you Dr. Is there any explanation as to why I see flashing when
running/jumping or coughing?
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Okay thank you Dr. Is there any explanation as to why I see flashing when running/jumping or coughing?
It shakes up the vitreous which is attached to the retina.
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