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Flashing lights in my vision

In January 2013, I was looking for an answer as to why I was seeing flashing lights in my vision.  I found someone who answered here (June 2007) and I saved his question and the doctor's response, 'scintillating scotoma'  on my computer.

Now, in May 2015, during a routine vision test, the doctor discovered I have a hole in my retina which he says has been there for a while.  He said I would have seen flashing lights.

So now I go to a retina specialist for further examination, which might lead to using a laser to close the hole permanently.  If I don't, he said I could have a detached retina, meaning blindness.

I'm really surprised that 2 years has passed since I had these symptoms. What could have caused the hole in my retina without further damage? Only by the grace of God do I still have 20 vision in that eye!  

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Hello are you still using this forum...if so could you possibly give me advice?
This all started a couple months ago when I was having lightheaded ness and heart flutters. So anyway my family doctor had blood tests done and I've had a few heart scans to test for what he thought could have been a heart disease affecting the optic nerve, but all results came back normal and eventually the lightheadedness and heart problems at least went away. When I went back in to see him he said that he believes the problems could actually be from anxiety but it can't be tested unless I have a "relapse" of my other symptoms. He doesn't believe there is any reason for me to see an ophthalmologist and is hate to go against his judgement as he's been my doctor for many years now so I'm in need of serious advice. I made a list of symptoms just hoping that someone might be able to advise me of anything they may have heard of or have themselves or something,anything would be nice other than being told to stop calling my doctor when I know something is wrong with my body.
Both eyes see this:
Eye floaters (since childhood)
Little black(sometimes white) dot that happens at random and goes away within seconds
Halo/doubling effect on objects when I look at them
When I look to either side from my phone or anything with light it's like it  drags the light from the object for a couple second making it look like two images appear but one being a shadow and then disappears
Close eyes-flashing or static like moving with area that appears to be a shade lighter than the normal black vision or when hands are over eyes
Also sometimes when eyes are in dark---diamond like white shapes that will keep repeating a pattern
When I had a light under my eyes I could see the veins in my eyes which never happened before and happens when I look through my friend's striped glasses
I have a purple spot like thing when I try and turn my head to look to my right side
Strong fatigue 24/7
Also I have occasional ringing in an ear that lasts for less than a minute

I apologize for such a long post but I figured I'd better lay out all my symptoms.
Thank you,
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Patricia 3: The lights from a torn retina and the lights from a scintillating scotoma are not alike at all.  Retina induced flashes from traction on the retina are very bright and last a second or two at the most. Think a flashbulb going off in a dark room or a bolt of lightening at midnight.

Migraine type light pulsates like a flickering neon sign and lasts 5 to 60 minutes and can bee seen with the eyes shut.

Retinal holes are very common. Most do not lead to problems or retinal detachments, many do not require any treatment. The retinal ophthalmologist will let you know how serious yours is.

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AmandaJeanA:  You need to see an ophthalmologist.  If your family doctor told you that he/she is wrong. If you were told that by an optometrist he/she is wrong. You can go to www.geteyesmart.oorg and find an ophthalmologist near you. Please see an Eye MD soon

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