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Floaters, dry eye, and bright specs?

Hi, I'm a 24 year old male who has worn glasses for nearsightedness for several years now and months ago I started noticing some additional eye problems that began with light sensitivity. I noticed that looking at a bright color or pattern on a television, computer screen, or anything else very bright would leave a brief after image in my vision when I looked away or closed my eyes. Then I began to notice floaters in my vision when looking at computer screens or the sky in particular, then I noticed my eyes were unusually dry. I also notice sometimes that in addition to the floaters I can see tiny bright specs for lack of a better word, that sort of just zoom around in no particular order or direction, these are only noticeable under the same conditions where floaters are noticeable and most of the time I have to be trying to see them to really notice, but sometimes I'll be reading something on the computer and notice a bright spec kind of zoom past my field of vision or become suddenly pronounced before disappearing just as quick. I've been to the local optician for an eye exam about three months ago or more and told him of the floaters and light sensitivity but he told me this was normal? Which kind of perplexed me. He didn't find anything wrong with my eyes but said I did need new prescription glasses as my vision had gotten a little worse. Actually, I STILL haven't received my new glasses because that optician became ill. His business is now in transition and there was a mixup with orders. I won't be able to get my glasses or have another eye exam until the first of 2013 when the office reopens with a new eye doc. Anyway... my question is has anyone else experienced any or all of these eye problems and how much should I be worrying about this? I try not to worry as I have anxiety but I'm getting tired of finding no relief from these nagging visual disturbances.
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See an ophthalmologist for a full exam.  Your symptoms are not normal and problems should be ruled out.  An eye MD/ophthalmologist is best suited to look for subtle findings that may explain your symptoms.  In a young myope there are multiple potential causes but things like pigment dispersion syndrome, uveitis, etc need to be ruled out.

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